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About us

Startup Armenia Foundation was founded in March 2016 by a group of initiative young people, who previously authored and succeeded in a number of startups till these days. Having startup developing ecosystem in Armenia the foundation established following purposes: To support novice and the ones who already passed a certain way, help them to stend up, to put in a right way of development, periodically organize events, where startupers will have an opportunity to present their projects and get support from the foundation

Coworking Space where startupers, freelancers, developers, designers have all opportunities to cooperate,share ideas and change the world

Sevan Startup Summit is a yearly non-formal startup event. The event is the first of its kind not only in Armenia but in the world.

The purpose of The Startup Armenia Times is to inform the public about the information technology-related events

Startup Club is an educational program designed to enhance the potential of Armenian youth and ensure their bright future in entrepreneurship.

Our Team

  • Hakob Hakobyan


  • Vahag Rapyan

    CEO of Seaside Startup Summit

  • Avag Simonyan


  • Diana Mkoyan

    Project Assistant

  • Tigran Petrosyan


  • Marine Paytyan

    Project Manager of Kin.am

  • Arsen Harutyunyan


  • Hayk Khloyan




Collaboration is one of the core axes of Startup Armenia activity. Our projects couldn’t be implemented without support of more than 400 companies, which share our views and values.



On of the main purposes of Startup Armenia is to support startup teams to stand up, to put them in the right way of development. About  0111 startup teams brought to life their ideas with the help of foundation



Startup Armenia brings together like-minded people and unite them around common ideas. More than 30,000 creative, smart and enthusiastic people have been engaged in our projects so far. 

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